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PhotoFiltre Studio 10.8

Versatile image editing tool to enhance and retouch your digital photographs
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PhotoFiltre Studio is a comprehensive collection of filters, effects, and retouching tools designed for both the professional and the amateur photographers. Its attractive interface can be equally enjoyed by the novice and the experienced user thanks to its intuitive layout. The program adds layer support to all the functions, brushes, and tools that you will ever need to enhance your images.

The number of features and functions included in this program, combined with the endless possibilities they provide, make this a truly versatile and flexible image editing tool. It allows you to transform a dull and boring raw image into a stunning shot in just a few steps. You can start by correcting any lighting, contrast, saturation, or exposure mistake, using either the auto-correction tools provided or making all the necessary changes yourself (you have specific solutions for specific problems, just as the red-eye effect). You may then want to add one of the many artistic filters available, such as watercolor, puzzle, sepia, old image, black and white, or grayscale, to name but a few. Changes can be applied to the entire image or to a specific area, which you can define using vectorial selections (both with automatic shapes and with a lasso). The program’s layer support allows you to add and subtract information from your images without touching the original photo, just like professionals do. Finally, you may want to use the program’s Transparent Gradient tool to enhance your work of art or to add a frame to it before printing using the PhotoMasque module.

Whatever processing you wish to apply to your favorite images, you can rely on PhotoFiltre Studio to solve both the odd correction and the elaborate enhancing process. Do not get overwhelmed by the plethora of icons, options, and features in the program’s main interface – once you start playing around with it, you will find it’s more user-friendly than it looks.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Extensive range of filters, brushes, and correcting tools
  • Intuitive interface with excellent preview capabilities
  • Layer support


  • Supports only a few (though well-known) image file formats
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